Tuesday, May 31, 2011


『こっちむいて!みい子』が好き means I love "Hi , Miiko" :D
I've been reading Miiko since i was in primary school (and of course , Detective Conan too :p) I love reading manga (comic) and actually ever dream to be a mangaka (comic creator) . I still want to be mangaka , but it's not my prior dream now , I want to be animator . A great animator Photobucket
Today i just bought the newest volume of  "Hi , Miiko" , volume 23 Photobucket
I don't have all because i like to borrow it from my friends or comic rental :p
Miiko vol 23 . Basketball , 23 , Tappei . Love love love Photobucket 
23 and basketball . I love it Photobucket 
I laughed like a drain when i saw this !!!! LOL 
Miiko! Fan book Photobucket

Btw , i ate bakcang ! Photobucket You know what is it ? It's food contains of sticky rice , meats , mushrooms , and beans which is wrap by bamboo(my grandma said) or banana's leaf . Chinese traditional food i think . 

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