Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Jumper- GoGirl! Freebie // Skirt- Uniqlo // Totebag- X-girl // Socks- Forever21 // Creepers- Gosh
bonus shot: wearing Uniqlo floral denim jacket, it was on sale :))
The best food of the month (Feb): Mi Bo Kho
I went to Lippo Mall Kemang Village with my mom and her friends, because I had some days off 2 weeks ago. I had my lunch at monViet, a vietnamese restaurant and orderes Mi Bo Kho (beef stew noodle). It's really delicious and I love it so much, will definitely come back to try another menu (or I will just order this again). I didn't take a lot of photos because there were my mom's friends :p

Lippo Mall Kemang Village
Avenue of the Stars, 1st floor
Jakarta Selatan

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