Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't Hate Me

Hey yo! Just fyi, I think I won't update this blog until next next week maybe....... I suddenly have so many assignments because mid term test is near. I'll celebrate my birthday next month with exam material hahaha :") The photo above was taken because I had nothing to do...(okay, actually I was just lazy to do anything :p) and because I haven't posted any OOTD for quite long time...or not? lol
Okay, just saying....don't leave my blog if it's lack of update because I really have a lot of things to do, and hopefully I could meet my friends this weekend, I miss them so much, we don't meet each other for almost one year . I'm doing my 3D animation-I assignment now, and must do rigging to the 3D shark, also have to practice for acting class. I'm wondering if I could sleep today. My bad, have to finish assignments and still writing this OTL Annyeong~
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