Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sushi Tei & Outfit

OMG I want that korilakkuma piggy(?) bank!!!
"I eat Canon"
chuka idako
salmon mentai - recommended :) my fav!
ebi mentai
salmon sushi
inari (wakame & tuna)
inari & ika sushi (raw squid) I didn't eat it :p
grilled chicken ramen
Forever 21 x disney jumper // Cardinal ladies shorts // Charles&Keith flats // id girl backpack
I went to Karawaci Supermall 2 weeks ago with my dad and my brother to install Adobe Premiere and Illustrator to my laptop. We ate Sushi Tei and I feel so regret now because my brother and I thought that no more all you can eat event that time *sob
I found korilakkuma piggy bank when I walked pass Gramedia, it's big and I want it!! *_*

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