Saturday, September 11, 2010


おはよう ございます :)

Again , i will post things i want .
Maybe it wont be fullfiled now , but SOMEDAY . hahaha !
As i ever said before , im going to buy DSLR if my money enough already :D
I also want a polaroid actually .
I think that camera is cute.
Polaroid is quite cheap i think , but my mom will kill me if i buy 2 cameras -.-
And it means that i have 3 cameras (SLR , digital , and polaroid) ,
sometimes i wonder what i want to buy for =_=
I just want , i just like , but its not really needed . Omooo what the ~

Ah , i craving for this :
Really cute aaaaaaaaaargh !!!!

I'll try to save my money in the bank so that i can't take it lol
okay , jaa ne !

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