Friday, September 17, 2010

たこやき と おこのみやき

- たこやき -

- おこのみやき -

FINALLY ! i ate takoyaki and also okonomiyaki yesterday ! \(^o^)/
Actually my friend ate okonomiyaki and i ate takoyaki ..
I forgot to take photo before we ate , so gomen for the 'not OK' photo :D
I just knew yesterday that there's this cafe in town =.=
OK , OK first i thought that it's a CYBER ! *@*

AKH ! the taste is NOT BAD AT ALL ! UMAIIII~
i will often go to this cafe i think .
Next time i will eat ramen , outside of the cafe . So Japan ~(`o`)~
Arigatou , Meck World :)

jaa ne !

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