Thursday, September 9, 2010

やすみ !!! \(^o^)/

おはよう ございます :)
私は、こんしゅう やすみ です !

yesss , i have one week holiday !
today , im going to take silicon case for my friend and im going to buy some movies .
i wish i could find MIURA HARUMA's movie like "Koizora" and "Kiminitodoke"
Omooo , he is really COOL ! Perfect japanese guy huahahaha *melting

And he is much more handsome with white hair ! really im dying x_x

*nosebleed x_x

Ok , ok .
im too weak to write now because of miura :*
have a nice holiday !!!
すてきなやすみを :)

じゃ ね !!

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