Saturday, April 16, 2011

Accessories Hauls and UN

I ordered some accessories from an online shop , stuff are from China . It arrived yesterday , i love the rings i bought , but pretty not satisfied with the necklace . It looks nice in the picture , but when i got it , it's not as nice as the picture . I also show you the Eiffel necklace and earrings that i got from my friends as birthday present .

I love that sweet skull ring so much , haha :p
And FYI , i'm going to leave this blog for 4 days . I MUST study harder to face my very last exam in high school , UN (Ujian Nasional) or National Exam . I have study , but i just feel that i haven't ready for this exam :( I wish that i'm really lucky for those 4 days (Monday to Thursday) so that i still can answer although i can't do it . hahaha . Guessing i mean :p
Ok guys , just wish me luck :) :)

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