Sunday, July 12, 2015

Whatcha Doin'?

Yoo! Today I decided to make this quick post about what I did in these past 6 months. Not really a recap, I just want to share some photos on my instagram. Kindly follow my instagram: @japobs
Japanese magazine is my ultimate inspiration for both styling and drawing!
I'm a manga addict!

I finally bought this illustration book!!!
I'm a nylonista!
Discovered new flavors! Red bean one is too sweet for me, I love the strawberry flavor :)
Tried Shirokuma green tea/ original soft serve
Assassination Class clutch from nonno
Happy kid! Bershka Looney Toons sweat shirt and new vans sk8 high yeay
Stole my bro's Uniqlo shirt as outerwear; vans is comfortable!
Wore this to meet my friend Yulia

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