Monday, September 21, 2015

Japanese Snacks Haul

Kawaii overload~
Yoo, dreamers! It's been a long time I don't make a haul post. In this post I want to spam you with snacks haul that I got from Japan. No. It's not me who went to Japan (I wish I did tho) but it's my mom and bro (in different trip). In my family, I'm the one who want to go to Japan the most but I'm also the one who haven't got any opportunities to go there *cryinjapanese*. Soon, Mei, soon. Enough of the talk, I hope you enjoy this post! :)

This one is my new favorite, kinda sour.
One can not leave Japan without Tokyo Banana, lol. I really love Tokyo Banana and thanks to my mom I can taste another flavor. Gonna make the review (part 2) too!
This one is also good, so fluffy!

And Hello Kitty stuffs (there's also passport cover) my bro bought me. He always buy me Hello Kitty stuffs when he go to Japan, lol. I also will make a review post about the Bourbon cookies. 

My favorite Popcan! My friend gave me the peach flavor when I was hungry in 3D class and I loved it! I asked mom to buy me a lotttt :))
I also love this candy
Super yummy marshmallow!
Chopper charm my mom bought me because she knows me the best, lol
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