Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boyfriend Look

Denim shirt- Mom's // Pants- Uniqlo // Backpack- ID Girls // Beanie- Unbranded // Shoes-Unbranded
こんにちは, dreamers! I'm still trapped in my hometown, Pontianak because of the smoke. Almost all of the flights are delayed and the airport is so packed right now. Fortunately I haven't applied for any job yet so I can stay here for a longer time.

Today post is about my outfit when I met up with Yulia like....finally. We've planned to meet since a long time and she or I always missed the timing. We just had a dinner, chit-chatting, I accompanied she to shop (I was broke), and I forced her to take photos of mine. Okay, I actually took the photos of her too.  
We decided to take the photos at the game center and I love the results.
The theme of this outfit was to steal boyfriend's look (when I don't even have a boyfriend). It's basically casual with denim shirt and pants. I wore a green beanie and backpack to make this outfit more fun. To make it not-so-boyish, I decided to wear those floral shoes. It's still match the theme, with a little twist. What do you think about it?

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