Monday, September 30, 2013

You Might See This Once (or twice) a Year

Hi! I'm escaping from my assignments OTL I'm doing 3D project right now, making our own designed character. Actually I'm so excited but it is not easy at all. Ee!
I wore this to my auntie's wedding 2 weeks ago. I was wearing white lace dress from local online store, Forever 21 blazer, TLTSN wedges and Charles&Keith bag that I use as clutch.
I rarely wear something girly, and you can see me dress up like this only for once / maybe twice a year lol I cut my bang that day, because so tired of the not-long-yet-not-short bang. I didn't put any make up and just applied wing eyeliner by myself. Prefer bare face :/

Anyway, thanks Anny for helping me edit the html :D
Sorry for the bad quality pics, I didn't bring my DSLR.

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