Saturday, September 7, 2013


Mickey tee - Giordano // Pants - Uniqlo // Sandals - Charles&Keith // Satchel bag - Bugis
I always wear simple and casual outfit in Pontianak because of the hot weather and another condition. I wore this to eat dimsum with my aunt and family. As you can see I am fatter now because there are a lot of DELICIOUS FOOD in Pontianak and it has been like a year without my favorite food so I ate like a pig hahaha. I never like diet and I ever said I won't diet but I think I must do it now OTL
College has started and I have assignments to finish again, I must leave my own-imagination world full of fantasy and WooBin-JongSuk and another Korean Actors to face this busy reality :") Will blog often too and be ready of my food post okay :3

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