Friday, April 27, 2012

Now Reading and Food Crime [Instagram]

Finished this inspirational book :)
I borrowed my bro's novel and this is awesome ! Can't wait to read the next !!
Now reading , I think this should be a nice book to read :)

And here are some food pics ! 
Berry Oat Milk for breakfast :9 This is actually instant oat . I will try the banana one next time !
Choco ice cream !
Chicken Miso Ramen for last night dinner :D Went to Gokanna Teppan with my friends after watching Mirror Mirror (my 2nd time)
Pempek Palembang from my friend :)
This is quick update actually ! I love Instagram especially because it helps me to do a quick post when I'm lazy to take photos with DSLR :p
Follow my Instagram : @japobs (same with my twitter username :D )

I'm having a very bad flu , it's really uncomfortable :(( Anyway , going home today !

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