Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next Post(s) Teaser !

Hi ! Had fun today , my junior from Saint Peter High School came to my university and we went to Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) . My friends , teachers and I had a fun talk at Jco . It really makes me miss my high school time :') They're going back to Pontianak tomorrow . Safe flight yo !
(Will post the photos next time , on the  another next post)

Today's outfit :
 shirt-90degress // trousers-Zara // oxford-Forever21

Anddd, I don't think I did my Fontography test well :( Just pray I don't get C !
Tomorrow is the last day of midterm test and I'm going back to Jakarta again that means no internet connection , I wanna show you the teaser of next post(s) . Hope tomorrow before I go home I can post one of them ;)
You see , I bought them and I haven't read any of them yet ! Okay , I can't read japanese hahahhaa :p
Just wait , ok ;)

P.S = I'm crazy about One Piece manga lately , that's why I don't read the books lol

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