Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#BigDreamerWander: Centrum Million Balls, Bandung

Hola, Dreamers! I went to my Bandung again a few months ago and visited some new places/ instagrammable spots. I'm writing this post to share them to you guys, because sharing is caring huh? Actually, some people asked me, "Why do you always share those instagrammable places to your readers/ followers? Isn't it supposed to be a secret?". I was once like that, but in the end, I just love telling people about any things I found- things that people might love too. And what's the meaning of being a blogger if I keep them as secret? So, here is a new post for you!
Centrum Million Balls is the new "it" selfie heaven in Bandung, both for its residents and people from another city (like Jakarta). In case you don't know, Bandung has a lot of selfie tour destinations, places designed for the sake of selfie/ instaworthy photo. If you don't really like taking photos, well better find another place, this one is not for you. But! If you're in the same boat with me, please keep on reading, hahaha.
It's located at Jalan Belitung No.10 Merdeka, Sumur Bandung, Bandung. I will share the location maps below ;) You need to pay to get in, which is IDR 50.000 for weekdays and IDR 65.000 for weekend, including locker and a pair of socks. They also provide cafe here, so don't worry if you want to rest/ suddenly feel hungry, lol. 
The main attraction of Centrum Million Balls is this huge pool with orange balls. FYI, it used to be a swimming pool. You will find a lot of children here, so to take photos you need to find the right angle. Oh, you can also rent some properties like floats or huge doll, but I didn't do that tho. Too much money, lol. Just played with my friends here :p 
Because it's supposed to be a selfie tour destination, no wonder they have some instaworthy spots. Well, it's all about this place tho. JUST instaworthy spots, that's why I said that this place is not for those who don't like taking photos. They'll be annoyed just like my bf :") Here are some spots you can use to take photos:

Tips: Wear comfy outfit here (stylish, but still comfort is the key). I wore t-shirt and woman pant (ripped jeans), sneakers, and jacket as the statement. 
I didn't take photos at EVERY spots because there were some that I don't like, it's personal preferences tho. IMHO, the quality of the place still can be improved (the lighting, properties), I also saw some new spots are still in development. Another visit? I'm not sure. 
| Tips: Ask those who don't like to take photos spend their time in another place (either cafe or whatever they want), because it's actually quite painful to pay IDR 65.000 to do nothing inside 😅 (sorry, bf!)

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