Monday, December 24, 2018

Food Monster Escape: So Fashion Cafe (Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta)

So Fashion Cafe Jakarta |
Hola, Dreamers! Should we talk about another cute/ instaworthy cafe in Jakarta? This time is a cafe located inside Taman Anggrek Mall, So Fashion Cafe. It's no new cafe in town, but I'm always kinda late for this kind of stuff. Guess what, my IG timeline photos was all about this place, so I didn't really wanna join the hype, lol. Let me be late, it's fine as long as I can write about it and tell people who haven't known about it.
The vibe of So Fashion Cafe is so pinky, I mean... all of the stuff there are pink from the interior to the food/ beverages. Everything is so cute, I can't! When I browsed about this cafe, I also found another one in Taiwan. So this is their branch- not franchised but the same owner. They also opened So Hot Stone Hot Pot- a shabu-shabu place, located beside the cafe. If So Fashion has domination of pink, So Hot has domination of white and blue. So Fashion Cafe is divided into two sections, indoor and outdoor. 
I went there on Sunday, and it's full. Better avoid visiting on weekend tho, it must be so nice to take photos here on weekdays, hahaha. Luckily we still got table inside and it's getting empty in the end so I could take photos at almost all the instaworthy spots. 
And here are some instaworthy spots that I like, they are so suitable for taking OOTD photos actually. My tips is come here with vibrant/ contrast color outfit, so you can pop up with the pinkish background. Well, it depends on your preferences tho, if you want to blend in with the background, why not? ;) There's no rule at all!

Outdoor area:

Next, let's talk about what I ordered there. So Fashion basically serves coffee and desserts, with light bites, salad, korean food, and brunch menus. Their desserts are really instaworthy too. There are two kind of people who visit this cafe: the ones who enjoy their food, and the ones who do it for the gram, lol. 

Banana Chocolate Marshmallow (IDR 55k)
I waited so long for this menu T.T I thought they missed my order, so I actually spent a lot of time here. This Banana Chocolate Marshmallow is brioche bread with nutella, banana, melting marshmallow, chocolate sauce, and almond. I actually kinda regret not ordering savory food instead, because my mom didn't want to eat it so I had to finish this all by myself- while I can't really stand sweet food. This one was so sweet! Actually it's balanced when I ate it with the bread, but the marshmallow itself was super sweet. I love how the banana could tone down the sweetness too. DON'T ORDER THIS IF YOU'RE NOT SHARING, well except if you're a sweet tooth. Overall it's good.

Iced Strawberry Coffee Latte (IDR 49k)
Mom ordered this because it looks cute. I can't deny it tho, it does look cute. Note that my mom is not a coffee person, so in the end I was the one who finish this drink :) Surprisingly it's not that sweet, everything just okay. It's coffee latte, but you still can taste the strawberry. Decent and very instaworthy. 

Peach Sparkling (IDR 45k)
This is my favorite order of the day, it's soda water with chunks of peach and mint. It's such a cute surprise because it came with a cute flamingo float (didn't expect that). The Peach Sparkling was so fresh, it neutralized the overly sweet taste of Banana Chocolate Marshmallow. If not I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to eat the bread again. 
Price wise, I actually think it's kinda pricey, but they actually also "sell" the cafe concept and interior, plus it's inside the mall so it's still reasonable. Food are also decent so it's okay to visit once in a while.

Disclaimer: I'm not a pro food reviewer, just want to share the instaworthy spots and the food I tried here.

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