Monday, December 31, 2018

Year in Review: ありがとう 2018

Should’ve written this earlier but I was busy watching movie so I’m typing here counting down to the 2019. This year is not a really productive year, I spent a lot of time enjoying my “normal life”, not really growing my instagram nor blog, pause when I feel tired of the social media life. Sorry if this post doesn't sound as excite as before, because idk why I just don't feel like writing this (actually). But it's an annual post so I have to do it.

1. I unlocked another travel destination: South Korea (Seoul, Incheon, Busan)
Didn't plan to visit Korea this soon, the original plan was going to Japan again but my friend suggest Korea instead. Well, challenge accepted! Anyway, it's not a good idea to visit on summer :) It's freakin' HOT!! Overall it's fun, food are good (super good actually), shopping heaven, I knew I'm gonna miss the food. And shopping. And the vibe. Wait, is it everything?

2. Visited a lot of Instaworthy and nice places
A lot of new cute cafes and places popped out this year. Most people go somewhere for the sake of taking nice and instagrammable photos. I try to visit those places and share them to those people who haven't known. Get it? lol It's for my personal satisfaction as well, because I do love cute stuff/ places. You can check them on my instagram or the blogposts I wrote here.

3. Went to Pulau Ayer with some bloggers/ influencers
This one is also my favorite moment of 2018, I was invited to join some blogger and influencers trip to Pulau Ayer, we did a lot of fun activities, and I got close with 2 crocodiles (lol)- blogger fellas. You can read the post here.

4. (Finally) bought an iPhone
Long story short, after dropped my phone last year and changed the lcd screen, I SMASHED it again when I was in Busan. Yes, literally smashed- I dropped it in the toilet, haha. I was so speechless when I saw the lcd condition :) I have been wanting iphone for awhile, didn't buy it before because the budget was not enough. This year I thought I could afford it, so yeah.... finally bought iphone 8+, it did improved my photos/ content quality, I will just call it an investment.

5. Learning and upgrading my photo editing skill
Thanks to the new phone, I finally have a lot of free space to install editing applications! I tried a lot of apps and trying to share it to my followers on instastories. You can check it on my profile if you want to know ;) >> @japobs

6. Sharing is caring
Sharing my editing skill and cute places I found with my readers/ followers on Instagram. Some people asked me why I want to share all those "secrets" with them. I do blogging to share something useful, so why I have to keep them all for myself? What's the point then...? I really wish my contents somehow can be helpful/ inspire others to do something (positive). I know I'm far from a nice content creator, but I'm still trying.

7. I... somehow got into a relationship (ha!)
This one is nothing I expected about in 2018. I've never had one since I was born, lol (personal decision). This time, I don't know how but it just clicked, so.... let it be.

8. This is annoying, but my PMS symptom is: CRYING!!
Seriously, I was known as the most annoying b*tch when I'm on my PMS period, the super moody girl and just being mad at everyone, lol. Now, triggered with simple matter and I will cry my eyes out. Such a drama.

9. My outfits are getting simpler and simpler and simpler the point it just look lazy. To the point I just looked like didn't take a bath. Haha. Sometimes I still wear proper outfit tho, when I have the mood to dress up. What kind of "fashion blogger", hhh. Still, I just want to be real and show outfits I wear because I love doing it. I'm gonna show more efforts in 2019, I wish.

10. Joined the gym and lost around 8kgs
....just to gain another 5kgs in the end of 2018, hahaha. I finally joined the gym because we got discount from the company. I also tried to eat cleaner than before, avoiding junk food and snacking for a while and it really worked. Then I went to Korea (well, it's part of my diet motivation), ate like a monster there, then I couldn't go back to my "healthy lifestyle" after that, hahaha. I still go to the gym tho, just not as intense as before. Sooo, in 2019, I really want to try again!
That's all, dreamers! Wish you a better year ahead (me too!) Jaa ne, see you next year :))

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