Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Ka'Fen Snail Restore Shampoo

Hi, dreamers. Instead of outfit post or fashion post, I'm gonna write a review post today. As you know, I bleached and dyed my hair which made my hair became so dry dan kinda damaged. Long story short, Clozette Indonesia sent me this Ka'Fen Shampoo to try and do a review.
About the product:
Ka'Fen was created in 2010 and well known for their dimethicone-free hair products. FYI, dimethicone is kind of silicon oil, usually being used in most shampoo to give smooth look to your hair after one wash. It actually can cause irritation to your scalp. So, in other words, this best seller shampoo in Taiwan will make your hair look smooth on the outside and nourishes it from the inside.
The one I got is Ka'Fen Snail Restore Shampoo, which is the first step in breaking the cycle of dry and damaged hair. As you can read on the product description: It's formulated with Ka'Fen moisture-controlling technology to repair the protective layer on dry or damaged hair and it reduces hair's porosity by 90%. This product also increases hair's resistance to breakage by up to 800% while healing, protecting, and preventing further damage. This shampoo is safe for any type of hair, even color and chemically-treated hair. Plus, it will fix your damaged hair.
The texture of this shampoo is creamy but kinda runny and has a nice flowery scent. It doesn't produce too much foam but surely can cleanse your hair and scalp from dirt and sebum well.

How to use:
Just as usual, pump it once or twice and apply to your hair. Massage your hair into lather and rinse it well.

I just tried this shampoo for once and intentionally didn't use any conditioner to focus on this shampoo result. I have very dry hair due to bleach and I can't wash my hair without applying conditioner because it will become so rough and hard to maintain. 
As you can see, it cleansed my hair from sebum and look not as rough as before even without applying any conditioner or hair serum. When I use another shampoo (without conditioner), my hair will look so dry and rough I can't even comb it. I hope my hair will be better after regular use!

P.S.: I changed my hair color, will write a post soon! ;)

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