Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blue Gingham Dress and Blogging Workshop

Hi, it's been awhile! Being a sleepyhead with busy life is hard ;p I will update you with outfit post, it's my #OOTD for a blogging workshop and talk show held by Some of the guest speakers are Cindy Karmoko, Jovi Adhiguna Hunter, Diana Rikasari, Elle Yamada, and much more. I was really looking forward to see Diana Rikasari that day. Read on!
I took photos in front of the photo booth because it looks cute and yeah, because we all want to be a blogging superstar, don't we? Anyway, I won't write about how was the talkshows and workshop going because I focus on my outfit here. I enjoyed it too much that I didn't even think about taking photos.
Went there with Stevie and met a new blogger fella; Ghina
I've been adoring Diana Rikasari since I started blogging back in high school and I finally got a chance to meet her in person ♥

I wore a blue gingham dress that day. I paired it with bomber jacket and white sneakers. This dress actually looks better without any outerwear because of its cutting. I wish I could be more confident wearing sleeveless clothes. That bomber jacket helped me actually, the room where the talk show was held was super cold. Anyway, I got this dress with very cheap price, only IDR 100k or around $7.5!

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