Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't Grow Up, it's a Trap

don't grow up it's a trap outfit |
don't grow up it's a trap outfit back |
don't grow up it's a trap outfit full |
Tee- Giordano // Skort- Bugis Singapore // Sneakers- Converse // Backpack- Jansport // Cap- Artbox
A little girl played with bubble, me took advantage of it hahaha :3
don't grow up it's a trap fun outfit |
I went to Ancol 2 weeks ago. I actually went to mangga dua to fix my broken laptop, then went to ITC while waiting my laptop fixed. My mom met her friends at Bandar Djakarta, so I also wanted to go there to take my (simple) outfit photos and eat seafood~~~
Anyway, this semester is really tough, I have a lot of assignments and projects. I'll do my best, I always do my best, but you know sometimes your hard work is just not enough to get good result. I was so down because my midterm test was not as smooth as last semesters. I worked so hard and even sick for a few days, and when I saw my score I just...frustated and cried hahaha. I'm fool enough to cry over small things but I was just so upset. After that I knew what was I lack of, so I'm okay now. I've done my best, I just need to work harder, and smarter I think. Being too serious in academics and too perfectionist really killing me sometimes :p
My confidence is somehow increasing now, life is too short to mind other people's (bad) words and not doing things you really love. My mom's photography skill is not too bad, huh? Although she just press the shutter button hahaha. 
Ah meet my lil brother! Partner in crime for manga and food (and photographer too:p)! Jaa ne!

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