Friday, December 1, 2017

Event Report: Dear Me Matte Lip Creame

Heyho, dreamers! I'm so excited to tell you about this new cutest local brand matte lip creame called "Dear Me". As a girl who really cares about visual, this product really catch my attention because of its polkadot packaging. I was so lucky to be one of the girls who tried this lip creame before anybody else ;) Well, it's said that we can't judge the book by its cover. How about Dear Me Matte Lip Creame?
The founder of Dear Me Matte Lip Creame explained about their product and what is so special about this product. They only use natural ingredients and also supporting cruelty-free cosmetics testing, cool right? Anddd the one special point you can only find in lip cream is: chocolate scent!
She told us that they put so much thoughts on the shades decision, considering Indonesian skin tone and finally they decided to launched these 8 shades: Dear Leya, Dear Anna, Dear Julie, Dear Jessica, Dear Ella, Dear Jenny, Dear Kiki, and Dear Maya (you can see the swatches below). 
Then, we were given this lip balm decoration kit before the lip balm making demo began and I was like "Why is everything so cuteee". We were told how to make lip balm and later we could take it home by putting it into a jar. 

And the excitement continued! They gave us a challenge to decorate our lip balm jar with cute Dear Me x Sociolla lips stickers and blink blink diamond stickers. You can see everybody was so busy decorating their lip balm jar and didn't care about anything anymore. Ah, there I was still managed to take one pic ;p

Here is mine:
We were also served these cute bite size snacks and I loveee that strawberry tart so much. So kawaii!

Last but not least I was so happy to meet Lippielust. I really love her swatches, it's so creative and one of a kind...and... niat abis lol. We chatted and she also shared some tips and tricks to make lip swatches, what tool we can use, etc. Huhu so humble πŸ’–
The goodie bag IS SUPER CUTE that I decided to make a video with my minim room lighting. I got a tote bag with my name on the pin button, a pouch contains of Dear Me Matte Lip Creame, a t-shirt, pocket mirror, and sweet thanks note.
I got 3 of 8 shades: Dear Kiki, Dear Maya, Dear Julie. When I arrived at the venue, they gave me one paper with 8 shades options and I was told to choose 3. Me, who didn't think much, just chose 3 shades I thought the best. Then I realized that I was supposed to try first before I choose. Yeah, turned out all the shades I chose were my favs tho. Luckily. The texture is so creamy and doesn't make your lips dry, but it's not transfer proof :(
Which shade is your favorite?

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