Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Love-Hate Relationship with Myself

First of all, why I use "love-hate relationship" as my title? It's actually what I'm feeling right now, especially about this outfit and everything else in these shots. I'm not skinny and no model-material body but I love fashion. I love sharing my outfits but sometimes I feel so insecure about my flaws and imperfections. That's also the reason why I decided not to post this outfit, because I didn't look "perfect". After some time, I don't really remember what's the trigger but I started to accept myself for who I am and how my body is, and try to ignore the "standard". It's not like I can change the shape of my body or my legs. Well, actually I can try to work out if I want it to look better. But again, I decided not to just feeling sad and hate my body, but do nothing about it. "Don't complain when you're not willing to change it." I thought, actually what's wrong for having not-so-perfect body? What's wrong for having such thick legs? It's not a sin. So, here I am, writing an outfit post although it shows my insecurity. Just because, I love fashion.
omg I miss writing this kind of outfit post so so much!!! Please self, share more outfit post next year! I wore this outfit to pick up my cousin who was going to continue his school at Bandung. There was nothing special, we would just go the the mall after picking him up so I thought it's no need to dress up like crazy so I just wore something I usually wear: t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers (the weather was so hootttt). This Mickey Mouse t-shirt was actually a new tee I bought just the day before and the denim shorts was from my Mom, she bought me a lot of clothes from Bangkok (ありがとう!). Completed my look with hi-top sneakers from Vans and yellow backpack stole from my Mom. I miss my colorful hair + above-brow bangs anyway. 
See you on next post, じゃね!

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