Friday, December 1, 2017

Event Report: Mad For Lipstick #BreakTheStandard

Last Tuesday I was invited to Mad For Lipstick new shades launching. Well, actually not only new shades, they also changed their logo and packaging into more sophisticated look. This local lipcream brand, also known as MFL decided to #BreakTheStandard with their new campaign, #MoreThanBeauty.

Just as I said above, MFL decided to change the look of their packaging and logo into silver box with MFL logo and shades name on it. They also improved their lip cream formula into lighter texture with moist and matte finishing. Compared to their previous bolder shades, this time they launched 6 new shades which are more natural: Ladyboss, Regal, Bombshell, Charm, Jolie, and Allure. 

The talkshow was started by Mad For Lipstick founder and continued with other guests, including 4 inspiring women who were included in the #MoreThanBeauty campaign.

These inspiring women are Ucita Pohan, Angkie Yudistia, Jessy Kusno, and Ufa Sofura. They told us about their journey about how they can be who they are now. How they decided to be strong and do what they love despite of people's rejection and opinions. They encouraged us to be more confident and don't care about what people think, because it's one way to break the standard and be who we want to be. And not to forget that in life, important things are actually #MoreThanBeauty. So stop stressing too much about how you look and start doing anything you love.
Andddd, as usual I also got the goodie bag from Mad For Lipstick including 2 shades from their new launched shades and 2 from the previous shades. I've always love their "Sweet Violet" shade and guess what I got it inside my goodie bag. How happy :))
You can compare their old and new packaging box design from the photo above, right? It's changed from casual and cute packaging into more mature and cool one. Lookin' expensive too. The lipcream packaging itself doesn't change, still the same with old one but with new applicator. The previous applciator was flat on both side and the new applicator is tilted on one side (look the pic below).
I also made you swatches of their Sweet Violet and Femme Fatale shades. The texture is creamier that the new one. I loveeee the Sweet Violet shade so much! 💖

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