Thursday, November 30, 2017

#BerasaJadiSelebgram with Minimum Budget

Wohoo! Such a productive month! For a few weekends I attended beauty and fashion events consecutively, that's why I have a looot of deadlines waiting for me. And this time I'm gonna share about my latest fashion event with #BerasaJadiSelebgram dengan Modal Minim talk show and workshop. 

Before anything else, let me tell you about first. FYI, Matahari Department Store is one of the biggest department store in Indonesia and went digital with their online store The difference is, focus on fashion items rather than various products. This time they held a special workshop for its women consumers and giving tips and tricks to be selebgram with minimum budget. 
The speakers and jury line up for this event were Alika Islamadina (singer and selebgram), Laurent Kurniawan (co-founder of OOTDINDO and HEYLA_ID), and Devi Maulina (Deputy Head of Marketing Communications The event started with QnA and chit-chat session about how to be a selebgram (Indosian term for influencer).
They all stated similar answers: they don't set certain amount for fashion budget, but they think first before buying anything. Is that piece can be worn more than once? Can we mix and match it in various look? The most important thing about being a selebgram is that you have to be confident. When we're confident with everything we wear, it will look good on us too. So forget about famous brand or expensive price because it's not a guarantee. 
Devi said that,
" ingin memberikan support bagi perempuan Indonesia yang ingin menjadi Selebgram. Banyak anggapan bahwa menjadi selebgram itu sulit untuk dilakukan dan butuh biaya besar. Melalui event ini, ingin seluruh perempuan di Indonesia dapat tampil percaya diri dan tetap stylish kapanpun dan dimanapun dengan modal minim."
Alika shared some of her tips to mix and match basic fashion items. We need to have some basic items like white shirt, denim pants, black shoes, etc to make our styling game become easier. 
Laurent taught us how to pose natural and candid for our #OOTD photo and some secrets about what make our photo can be featured on OOTDINDO. She also suggested to take the photo with simple background and natural lighting. It was such a useful tips anyway!
Then last but not least, which is the most interesting part of the #BerasaJadiSelebgram workshop: styling challenge. provided some fashion items and we could use it to mix and match + took #OOTD pics. My team didn't win but it's okay because we were having fun đŸ‘»

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