Friday, November 3, 2017

Meet the 1st Teh Tawar in RTP PET Bottle: Ichitan Teh Tawar!

Konnichiwa, dreamers! Life is kinda hectic lately but I honestly love it. Somehow, it feels like I'm finally living, not just exist. Problem is, when I'm busy with works, I tend to eat more than I should. I binge-eating (while binge-watching Stranger Things 2, ha!) while working in my office and also for my blog. When you eat just a little, something that doesn't even make you full, actually still high in calories and that will definitely make you bloat- especially sweet drinks. That's why even when I eat a lot, I push myself not to drink any sweet drink to balance. If I don't drink mineral water, my choice will go to plain tea. And guess what, that plain tea (or the so-called teh tawar in Bahasa) is now available in RTP PET bottle. It's a really cool idea because now I don't need to order teh tawar in restaurant (it's costed really high for some restaurant, huh!) nor make it myself (yeah, I'm that lazy a.ka. mager). 
Before we get to the product, let me tell you some benefits of Teh Tawar. Overall, drinking tea without sugar can give you a lot of positive effects to your body, such as:
☺ Helping you to lose weight
☺ A great anti-oxidant
☺ Reduce and relieving stress 
☺ Increase metabolism
☺ Maintain blood pressure
☺ and so much more.
| More about Ichitan Teh Tawar:  
Ichitan has been around for pretty long time in Indonesia and now they are selling the FIRST Teh Tawar in RTP PET bottle in Indonesia- stealing the idea of Indonesian people who love to drink tea for their meal companion. Ichitan Teh Tawar uses hand-picked of fresh organic tea buds which are less than 4 months old to reserve the best quality of anti-oxidants from Mount Patuha, Ciwidey Bandung. It's also mixed with jasmine flowers picked in the earlier morning to keep the aroma. To give you a nostalgic color and aroma of Nusantara, tea leaves and jasmine flowers are mixed trough roasting process. Moreover, this Teh Tawar uses Japanese high technology of cold aseptic filling and have no sugarno preservatives, and most important- 0 calories
As I've said above, Ichitan Teh Tawar is the first teh tawar packaged in RTP PET bottle in Indonesia, which made it really convenient to bring anywhere. The bottle itself is designed smaller in the middle for a better grip. It has strong and well-sealed cap, so it's safe to bring inside bag without spilling 👌
Can you see this cute indicator? The Wayang (Indonesian traditional puppets) is exhausted before drinking Ichitan Teh Tawar and become happy after finishing the drink. Okay, it's creative! 
And we finally get to the most important point, how is the taste anyway? It's taste much more better with jasmine flowers and doesn't taste bitter at all unlike the self-made teh tawar. When I first sipped the tea, I could smell the nice fragrance of jasmine flower then came the clean taste of tea. It's a nice beverage to drink after finishing the meal, especially Indonesian food. Want it to be fresher? Pour it into glass with ice! Ichitan Teh Tawar can be found in these outlets in Jabodetabek such as: Alfamidi, Lawson, Giant, and AEON for IDR 5.000 (420ml). 

Ichitan Teh Tawar is currently included in their newest campaign, "HARAP HARAP EMAS" period October 1 - December 31, 2017!! If you're lucky, there will be a notification below the bottle cap- saying you're a winner of (each) 30gr of Gold for 100 lucky winners. So, go buy your own Ichitan Teh Tawar and see if you're lucky enough to get the prize. Anyway, forgot to check mine T.T

To know more information about Ichitan Teh Tawar, you can visit their social media: Instagram. And for beauty to lifestyle tips, you can check Beautynesia ;)

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