Thursday, November 9, 2017

Event Report: "Girls, Let's Rock The World" with Mizzu

Hola, dreamers! I'm gonna write you another event report, this time is Beauty Journal x Mizzu event; "Girls, let's rock the world!". Mizzu was popular for its eyeliner but now they expanded their products into cushion, eyeshadow, lip creams, and even micellar water! Moreover, rather than typical beauty event, we did a lot of fun activities and challenges, such as: Guessing what products the model using, watching Mizzu short film trailer, make our own lip cream, and eye makeup challenge. Keep on reading to know more about these fun activities ;)

The packaging of Mizzu products are mostly black and white, simple yet chic, don't you agree? I want to try all of their products, especially that pink velvet matte lip cream and blushes. Yes, I'm actually a fan of blushes, have I ever mentioned about it?

I love the venue so much! They used bean bags for our seats, like...why so comfy? It's even cool and raining outside. What a perfect afternoon to take a nap #oops. It's actually a very thoughtful of them, gave us bean bags to watch Mizzu short movie "Complete" trailer. Okay, we'll talk about the short movie later. Chill. It was raining so hard when I arrived, so I was like the first blogger there hahaha. Later I met some of my blogger friends and we decided to take photos before another bloggers arrived and the venue would be too crowded to take proper #ootd photos. 
The event was started by lovely Editor in chief of Beauty Journal, Mira Monika, as usual. She welcomed us and then introduced who were out guest stars for that day. 
The first guest was Billy Simpson, a musician from Indonesia who just released his single titled "Sendiri" and it's also used as the Original Soundtrack (ost.) for Mizzu short film "Complete". He told us that he wrote the lyrics based on his personal experience, that's why we can relate to his song. 
So, I keep mentioning about Mizzu's short movie but not in detail, so here you go. Mizzu has made a short movie, titled "COMPLETE", basically tell a story about a girl who once didn't care about her appearance and the world around influencers. This made the film is worth to watch for us- the millennials generation. Worry not, you won't feel like watching an ads because there's just a little PPL in the movie. After all, Mizzu wants to present you a meaningful story and message trough this movie, not to choke you with product ads. 
After watching the movie preview, we met 2 main characters of the movie; Rangga Azof and Erinda Azzqy. You see, they also use experienced actors/actresses for the movie so the quality can be guaranteed. They explained about the movie, how was the shooting going, and we can also asked them questions.
After the preview and chit-chat with main casts finished, we went downstairs to do another activities. We were also served some snacks and drinks. I love the quiche so much! *food monster mode*
The next activity was making lip cream by ourselves, one of my friend was so excited because she has always wanted to make one, lol. First of all, Barbie was doing demo to teach us how to mix the color to get the best result. After that, they gave us a challenge to create lip cream similar to model's lip color. My team's result was quite close with model's color (made it to top 2) but unfortunately we didn't win. At least we were having fun, right? Hahaha.
The last but not least, we were given challenge again. We had to line up and took turn to put eye makeup on our team members' right eye. I can't even put makeup properly on my own face, so you can imagined the result, huh? Sorry, my friend! I destroyed your eye HAHAHA. And again, we didn't win. We also didn't win the guessing products game. So, we were the losers of the day (just kidding!). Marsha from our team won the best photo tho ;p
So that was how the event going, such a productive weekend. We also got a goodie bag full of Mizzu products, as usual. I got Mizzu micellar water, brow pencils, eyeliner, 3 type of lip creams, and false lashes. I'm gonna do some swatch and mini test-and-review but maybe soon. I'm actually sick while writing this post so I haven't tried the products. Stay tuned! :)
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