Tuesday, December 19, 2017

MOS Wagamama Burger // Build Your Own Recipe

こんにちは, dreamers! Today I'm gonna tell you about one of Japanese brand, MOS Burger. They have a few branches in Indonesia, and one of them is in Plaza Senayan called MOS Cafe and Dining. It's a popular brand in Japan and I was so glad to be able to attend this event. We're invited to try their newest menu, Wagamama Burger. 
Wagamama (わがまま) literally means selfish, but in this menu context, it's to do whatever we want, it's up to us to build our own burger recipe. Wagamama Burger is only available in MOS Cafe and Dining Plaza Senayan branch. Wagamama Burger will be promoted from 18 December 2017 to 28 February 2018 to celebrate MOS 9th anniversary in Indonesia!
They said this menu is inspired by a girl who came to the gathering and said that she want to make her original burger with her own recipe. MOS Burger then realising this original hamburger idea into Wagamama Burger to give customer waku waku (happy and full of surprises) for their 9th anniversary. The price is started from IDR 69.000,-
First of all, they will give us a form to fill in what ingredients we need to build our burger. Menu option is divided into 5: Topping (protein), Bun Style, Vegetable Toppings, Cheese and Egg, and Sauce. From the main toppings, they don't provide meat (beef, chicken, fish) only, but also healthy food like tofu. For bun options we can choose from bamboo charcoal bun, tomato bun, rice bun, even vegetables (salad).

For me, I chose rice bun, which made me the one and only blogger with rice bun. Everyone was like choosing basic tomato bun or charcoal bun. OMG I'm such a glutton :)) Anyway, we were told to build our very own Wagamama Burger, gave it a name, uploaded it on Instagram, and later there were some winners for the best ones. 
I chose rice bun with teriyaki beef, then added some sliced cheese, boiled egg, lettuce, jalapeno (because I die die loveee it), some sauces, pineapple and tomato to give it some c0lor. Also add some fritters and chips, decorated with teriyaki sauce, and done. I was so silly to put that mango jam on the plate, pretending like those chefs lol. I named it "Full Belly" because I bet you will go home with full belly after eating my burger, hahaha. It's rice, anyway :))
After we finished eating our own burger (while uploading Wagamama Burger photo on Instagram), we continued to the next fun agenda: creating our own burger (we were grouped into 5 people) and it must be unique in both appearance and taste. FYI, there's nobody in our group who can cook. We're only given like... 5 minutes? So we practically just put everything we chose (filled another form first) into a shape of burger. 
We named our burger "BOMB Burger" because you know why? I PUT A LOT OF WASABI sauce at one place so whoever got that....JACKPOT!! BOOOM! 😂😂😂  (sorry Yuri, you got that). The juries said our Bomb Burger was delicious and tasted so Japanese, except Yuri, she gave us a "Meh" because of that wasabi attack ;p 
Lastly, they announced some of the winners for the event and guess what, I was one of them. I won the best Wagamama Burger photo, yeay! 
2 pics above taken from Stella's blog

During Wagamama Burger sale period, MOS Burger give the customers these promotios:
- Get a blanket from MOS Burger for those who order Wagamama Burger (for 500 first customers)
- They will choose "Best Shot Award" every week for the customers who come to MOS Cafe and Dining. Upload your best shot and tag @moscafeindonesia ;)

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