Friday, December 15, 2017

Brunch at Hotel Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran + Canmake Beauty Gathering

Last Sunday I attended beauty blogger gathering at one of the hotels in Jakarta, Hotel Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran. Basically, we were having brunch and continued to makeup demo by Canmake. Before the event started, I was having fun taking photos with their Christmas decorations and the hotel lobby is really amazing- with those sparkling lights, creating a festive Christmas vibe. Who's ready for Christmas?? 
Now, let me take you to a tour around their restaurant called "Cattapa Restaurant"! This restaurant is big and spacious, providing a-la-carte and buffet meal options + variety of food from Indonesia, Asian, and International. 
They also usually have some special/seasonal menu that you can order. When I went there and took a look of their food, there were sushi and sashimi, bread, cakes, desserts, fruits, salads, bubur ayam (porridge), udon, miso soup, dimsum, and so many more! You can also see the pics I took below ;)
Before we had our brunch, mba Sekar invited us to meet one of the chef, Adhi Firdaus, who would do cooking demo and share his tips about turning leftover food into new cooked food. 
So, Hotel Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran has this commitment to reduce food waste and you're suggested to take food as much as you can finish it. Don't be greedy and take so much just to left it on your plate later. 
The chef was using leftover fish to make this dish by deep-fried it. While waiting the fish, he started to mix the sambal matah ingredients together (chilli, red onion, lime, etc) and also added the oil from frying pan for savorier taste. After that he just put the fish into the sambal matah bowl, mixed it, and finished. 
Then after the cooking demo finished, we finally got to eat! Hahaha I always love buffet especially the ones in hotels :p I was actually so hungry because I didn't eat anything before I went there. I took some dimsum, sashimi, noodles, and didn't even take any photos of it.
There's always a space for desserts, right? Look at that cute Santa anyway :)) Another dessert I love the most issss Ice Cream! We can choose 2 flavors for the ice cream, so I chose green tea and ogura (red bean) because it's a perfect combo. You can also add some toppings to your ice cream like almond, cookies, peach, etc. 
Next, we also had makeup demo sponsored by Canmake about "Japanese Glam Look". They will launch the new product: Wink Glow Eyes that perfect to create glam look. We can use this product as base before putting the eyeshadow or just use it as the eyeshadow itself. There is also new color of Stay-on Balm Rouge (I've reviewed it in this post). I've always loved Canmake so I was so happy I was able to attend this event!
Not only makeup demo, the challenged us to create our own eye makeup, without mirror!! And guess what, I won, hahaha. Super happy to get some Canmake products inside the goodie bag too :3

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