Monday, May 22, 2017

Ruffle Sweatshirt, Stripes Skirt, Glittery Sneakers

ruffle sweatshirt, stripes skirt, glittery sneakers |
Gonna update you with a quick outfit post. I wore this outfit to my relative's wedding- which I barely know. Wondering why I didn't wear something neat like dress? Hahaha. I basically don't like going to party because I don't have any suitable dresscode. That Sunday I decided to just go with casual outfit, because there's no rules not to wear casual outfit, right? 
ruffle sweatshirt, stripes skirt, glittery sneakers outfit |
glittery sneakers |
I wore my ruffle sweatshirt that I bought at GU Japan with stripes skirt my mom bought me. I love this skirt so much because of the horizontal and vertical stripes. It's from Korea but sold at Mangga Dua. Mangga Dua provides a lot of nice clothes if you're skilled enough to find. To get a little bit of glam look, I decided to wear my brand new glittery sneakers from my colleagues (it's Stradivarius). 
What do you think? Should I wear something more proper next time?

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