Monday, May 8, 2017

2 Ways to Wear Stussy Oversized T-shirt with Denim

Denim never dies, and so does a black oversized t-shirt (at least for me). I'm gonna show you how I wear my Stussy oversized t-shirt with denim. This Stussy T-shirt is actually preloved, I bought it at Tumpah Ruah 2 or 3 months ago for around IDR 300.000 ($22). It's quite expensive for a preloved stuff, but I fell in love at the first sight. I wear it a lot since then ;))
For the first look, I wore it with denim button up skirt. I completed my outfit with yellow Converse shoes, black beret hat, and my usual black backpack. This look is inspired by Korean fashion, they love to wear oversized t-shirt with high waist skirt or shorts, and comfortable sneakers. I wore a beret hat so my look won't be too plain and boring, yeah I admit it's a new hat, hahaha. Bought it from a online store called Gowimawa.
For the second look, it's more like basic casual wear to my office or anywhere when I'm lazy to dress up. I wore the oversized t-shirt with denim pants, either I roll it up or not. One of them was seen on my last post. I wore it with rolled-up jeans, pink backpack I bought at Japan, and glitter sneakers- a present from my colleagues. 
The reason I fell in love ;p
The last one is actually the same, I wore Stussy oversized t-shirt with denim pants, my everyday-sneakers, and micro bag- a freebie from local magazine. This one also my comfiest #officelook ever :D
That's it! Which look is your favorite? Tell me at the comment box below :D
Jaa ne! See you in the next post.

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