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10 Things to Do in Osaka

10 Things to Do in Osaka |
Hi, dreamers! So sorry it takes a while for a new post about my Japan trip, but wait no more because I'm writing 10 things to do in Osaka for you! FYI, I write this post based on my own experience. I might miss some (common) places but believe me you still can enjoy Osaka with these ;) Let's get started, shall we?
Osaka Amazing Pass JR Pass |
First of all, let me tell you if you need Osaka Amazing Pass or not. I bought one day pass but it turned out not really worth it because I arrived at Osaka at noon. It does have some benefits but if you don't plan ahead, it'll be in vain, hahaha. 

1. Kura Sushi- 100 Yen Sushi Hunting
10 Things to Do in Osaka - Kura Sushi |
Kura Sushi Osaka |
I already planned to have 100 yen sushi (Kura Sushi) in Osaka. It's quite far from the station and I need to walk there, but that's the fun part. Despite of the cheap price, their sushi quality is no joke! It's super fresh and the beef sushi is amazing! I'm gonna tell you more on a separate post, okay ;)

2. Visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan |
It was a yay or nay option but I ended up went there because I wanted to see the whale shark. I actually always wanna go to the Aquarium in Okinawa but hadn't got the chance so I tried the one in Osaka first. Overall it's quite enjoyable experience, except it was already passed 3 PM when I got there so I was quite in rush to ride the ferris wheel. Again, will tell you the details on separate post!

3. Ride the Tempozan Ferris Wheel- Alone!
Tempozan Ferris Wheel Osaka |
Hahaha, I know I don't have to mention 'alone' but that's the point. I was riding one of the largest ferris wheel in the world alone and managed to shot some pics thanks to my tripod and my courage. It's located next to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, you just need to walk a bit. FYI, it's free if you have Osaka Amazing Pass ;) It's REALLY HIGH and when I reached the top it's super shaky. Quite scary but I basically love high places so I was really really love it! Plus, it's a perfect golden hour, everyone ;) You can see Osaka from up high and I'd love to experience it once again.
Osaka from Top |

4. Try Milky Soft Cream
It's located before the escalator to the Aquarium. The store itself is super cute, but the soft cream tasted so-so tho. It also sells Peko-chan merchandise beside various soft cream. If you happen to visit this store before dark, take a pic in front of the store will make a instagenic photo!
Peko-chan Milky Parfait Soft Cream |

5. Stroll around Dotonbori at Night
Dotonbori Street Osaka |
There are so much to explore in Dotonbori and I regret I got there at night. There are a lot of cute and interesting stores along the street, not to forget the flashy billboards and neon lights. If you have plenty time in Osaka, make sure to start exploring Dotonbori before sunset!
Dotonbori Osaka |

6. Take Pics with the famous Glico Man
Dotonbori Osaka Glico Man |
When in Osaka, take mandatory tourist photo: pose like the famous Glico Man! I was confused where to find it, but simply ask the passing people and they'll definitely show you the exact location.

7. Eat Ramen while Standing and Takoyaki
Standing Ramen Osaka |
What's traveling without food tho? I found eating ramen while standing is unique so I decided to give it a try. We must buy the ticket from a machine and give it to the staff, then they will serve your chosen ramen. It's located near the station exit and easily noticed with that dragon above. I forgot the exact price but it's not expensive and definitely worth it.
What to Eat in Osaka - Takoyaki |
Another food not to forget when you're in Osaka is takoyaki! I didn't eat any okonomiyaki but I was glad at least I tried the original takoyaki. Obviously there are a few takoyaki store, I bought this one from the store named "Kukuru" with huge octopus above the stall.

8. MUST: Visit Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle |
One of the must things to do in Osaka is visiting Osaka Castle! It's large, magnificent....just amazing. I literally spent more than 6 hours there, including enter the castle and learn about the history of Osaka Castle etc., then just strolling around its large area. Too much to tell in this short post, I'll definitely write you a complete post!
I missed out these place but if you have plenty time, make sure to visit:
9. Umeda Sky Building
img source
You can enter for free if you have Osaka Amazing Pass. It's perfect observatory to see the skyline of Osaka from above. Best time to visit is before sunset-night. So sad I couldn't make it :(

10. Shinsekai // Tsutenkaku Tower
img source
Shinsekai was another must-visit district that I missed out. I really wish I'd go back to Osaka and visit it. You can do shopping, food-hunting, or merely stroll around here. Note that Shinsekai is mentioned as one of the dangerous area in Osaka, so be careful!
It's my version of 10 Things to Do in Osaka, do you have another ideas in mind? 
I'd be happy to know, please tell me in the comment box :))

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