Sunday, May 14, 2017

Event Report: Avene Sweet Afternoon Talk + Review

Hi, dreamers! It's time for another event report. I was invited to Avene and ClozetteID Sweet Afternoon Talk 2 weeks ago. It's mostly discuss about sensitive skin, how to care it, and about Avene as the perfect choice for sensitive skin. There's also makeup demo using Avene product which I'll show the pic below. Let's get started!
Before the event began, we took some OOTD photos for the competition and another photos needed for blog post. I also met some blogger friends and they helped me to take my OOTD pics. The dresscode were white and orange with floral touch. Obviously, I don't have any clothes with those category, as you know my style is super street style and boyish. I didn't have extra budget to shop new clothes so in the end I borrowed my mom's orange blouse. Turned out I got a lot of compliments hahaha. Wore shorts, sneakers, and tied-up choker to give younger vibe. Yaaah, I didn't win the competition but it's okay :))
The event started with makeup demo from Dhirman Putra. He showed us how to use Avene products to create a better makeup look, especially for us who have sensitive skin. I love how the makeup looked flawless and glowing on the model, Setiany Indah.
Then, it continued with a talk show with Doctor Samuel L Simon, he explained about what sensitive skin is, how to care them, do and don'ts, etc. Bloggers were also allowed to ask questions about beauty and sensitive skin stuff. 
Last but not least, there was special performance by Radhini with her clear voice. Oh! We also enjoyed some snacks, and it's so delicious!...with nice visual. My favorite was the mini burger ;))
In the end of the event, we went to Avene counter to take our goodie bag home. We're also given 150.000 worth voucher to use but I was on shopping ban so I didn't buy anything. 
We are about to start the review, but first let me tell you about Avene first. Avene is an Europe- French to be exact- brand, specialized in creating products for sensitive skin. Its well-known product is Avene Thermal Spring Water that can be used not only for face but also can be used after workout, traveling, after surgical procedure, facial, sunburn, damaged skin, itching, etc. I'm planning to get one in the future, but first let's start the review of these 2 products!

Avene Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion
Avene Tolerance Extreme Lotion is a cleanser that can be used without rinse, created for sensitive skin. We can use it to clean our face before applying any makeup or to remove our makeup.
The tube packaging is hygienic with sterilising cap, so don't need to worry about the purity of the product. Rub it gently over the face in circular motion, then wipe it clean with cotton pad.
The texture is milky and a little bit runny, without any weird smell. When it's applied, it feels soft and doesn't sticky at all, which is nice. I think it's not really effective for removing makeup especially the waterproof ones. You need to clean your face more than once if you're wearing heavy makeup. I think this lotion is perfect for sensitive skin because it doesn't irritate the skin or cause the breakout.

Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream
My skin was so dry lately and this cream is helping so much! It's really effective for moisturising the skin without feeling sticky or heavy. The Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream's texture is creamier than the cleansing lotion, and doesn't have any weird smell too. If you have oily skin, this product will make it even oilier. So maybe you can reduce it on the T-zone and apply more on the drier area like cheeks or around the lips (in my case).
It can be used after cleaning your face with cleansing lotion or before applying the makeup to keep your skin moisturized and avoid patchy look. This cream can also make your skin feels soft and bouncy.
I also got some samples of their products such as Avene Micellar Lotion, Eye Contour Care, Mineral Cream, Hydrating Serum and Cream. Gonna try them soon ;)
Thanks for reading! 
Hope this short review can help you deciding ;)

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