Friday, May 5, 2017

5 Things to Do in Bogor // Weekend Getaway

These two months are the best for us because there are many holidays and 3 long weekends in a row! The next Thursday is another holiday, yeay! It'll be perfect if it's on Friday tho ;p Back to the topic, I will tell you some things to do in Bogor, a city that's perfect for a short getaway or even an unplanned trip with your friends or family because it's not far from Jakarta and super easy to get there. 
I went there with my friends, so we were supposed to get there by car but ended up riding the train because my friend-who was supposed to pick us up- overslept -__- It's getting late so my friend and I decided to just go by ourselves and met him at Bogor Station.
Tips: To go there by the train, you just need to get to any train station near your place and get on the train heading to Bogor (don't get on to the Depok one). Buy the ticket at the ticket booth and don't forget to get your deposit back once you arrive at the destination.
| 1. Curug Pangeran 
Curug Pangeran is one of the waterfalls located at Gunung Salak, or known as Taman Wisata Gunung Bunder. This waterfall is not the only one and I had been to another one in this area but didn't post it here. From the Bogor Station, it still needs around 2 hours to get there by car. I suggest you to drive your own car, or rent the car/angkot if you're going in group. You need to pay IDR 10.000/person to enter the Taman Wisata, and another IDR 5.000/10.000 (sorry I forgot) to get to Curug Pangeran.
Don't worry if you're newbie in trekking because it only takes around 10 minutes easy trekking by walking down the stone stairs from entrance to the waterfall. You can also enjoy the scenery along the path, there are some spots to take photos and you can also see another waterfall before Curug Pangeran. It's not tiring at all!
What I love about Curug Pangeran: the tosca pool! Yesss, it has super fresh and tosca-clear water to have a dip! It's crystal clear that you can see the stones beneath the water. Beware if you can't swim, don't go to far for your own safety. It does has safety string but be careful, just in case :) 

| 2. Kedai Kita 
After a long and scary ride (it was raining hard and we could barely see the road) from the mountain to the city and picked our friend at Bogor Station, we decided to have dinner at Kedai Kita. It's quite popular hang-out place in Bogor, I guess. It's my first time tho. We had to wait because it's full, and I didn't take any photos of the restaurant. My bad. 
I had the famous black pepper hot plate noodle that came in a quite big portion but I....finished it all, hahaha. It's actually good but a little too dry, it'd be super good with more black pepper sauce tho. I also ordered french fries and my friend ordered pizza but we both couldn't finish it so we brought it to the hotel.

| 3. Sleep! 
We booked the hotel, Bumi Cikeas at the D-day via the phone application and stayed there for a night. Bumi Cikeas is quite far from the city, fortunately we went there by car. The photos below is not mine ;)
The hotel room was quite spacious for 5 people (with one extra bed), facilities are good (but not the best, of course), there is swimming pools, and breakfast (you need to pay). We didn't have the breakfast in hotel because we wanted to eat around the neighborhood. I had bubur ayam and some of my friends had nasi uduk. It's a simple dan cheap breakfast ;) After that.....we went back to sleep. That's the highlight of our trip: sleep.

| 4. Lunch at De'Leuit 
After checked out, we went to De'Leuit for lunch. It's Sundanese restaurant and Sundanese food is a must when you're visiting Bogor. The food was delicious, served quickly, and the price also reasonable. The place is quite huge but I didn't explore it because I was super hungry and mager (apparently too lazy to move) ;p

| 5. Dessert at Momo Milk Barn 
You always have extra room for desserts, don't ya? Momo Milk Barn is located beside De'Leuit and it's perfect choice to chill after a hearty meal. We're actually already full so we just ordered milkshakes and a toast. I didn't really take the photos of the food because we're busy taking photos of each other, hahaha. I ordered choco banana milkshake and it's so good I can't!!! The price also reasonable so I recommend it for chit-chatting with your friends.
I strolled around and took many photos for this blog tho. I planned to write a post about this but I don't think it's necessary because I didn't even take proper food shots.
It turned out they also sell ice cream (or gelato?) and I regret didn't notice it earlier. They provide a lot of unique flavors like Beng Beng (Indonesian chocolate snack), cherry, dragon fruit, etc. I want to try the cherry flavor! Maybe soon, because going to Bogor is easy, lol. Gonna update it here once I try it :D
Beside those 5 things I did in Bogor a few weeks ago, you can also try to do these things:
* Visiting Kebun Raya Bogor
* Culinary tour at Surya Kencana (across Kebun Raya Bogor)
* Visit another waterfalls around Taman Wisata Gunung Bunder
Happy escaping! xx

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