Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Reasons to Love Crop Tops

As you may already know, I love street style so much, especially Asian street style. Japanese street style has always been my style reference since I was young and I'm also into Korean street style now. There are a lot of Asian style key items that I embrace including sweater, outerwear, cute graphic t-shirt, crop tops, skirt, etc. Out of those items, one basic items that I love and need the most is crop tops. I have 5 reason to love crop tops, and maybe you should too ;)

1. Easy to Style/Wear
Crop tops is a versatile fashion item to wear with anything. Just like t-shirt you can wear crop top with almost everything. For casual outfit, you simply wear crop top with skinny jeans or comfortable shorts. To look cuter, you can wear it with skirt. It's up to you. For me I love you wear crop top or crop sweater over mini dress to add some dimension and fun look. Or you can wear it beneath dungaree or pinafore for playful look.

2. Perfect for Summer/ Hot Weather Country
Do I need to say again that it's perfect for summer and hot weather? I live in Indonesia which doesn't have summer season but the weather is always hot and humid. Comfortable and light top is the best to wear here. When I'm traveling, crop tops is the best because it looks stylish without make me all sweaty. Psst, and sometimes the breeze can get in too lol. Off-shoulder or crochet crop top for summer? Perfect!

3. Nice companion for outerwear
I'm a sucker for outerwear, especially those unique and fun jackets which give instant change to my basic and simple look. Sometimes wearing tucked-in or basic t-shirt can make our outfit looks boring, but crop tops can give different vibe. If you're confident enough, show your stomach beneath your outerwear as it can make you look more grunge, chic, and sexy without showing too much skin. Or just wear high waisted shorts/skirts if you don't want to show any of your stomach (which I usually do, hahaha).

4. Suitable for Everyone
Yes, crop tops is for everyone with any style, especially those who love 90s style. To create a 90s style, you can wear crop tops with mom jeans, choker, and platform shoes. If you're into sexy look, try fit body, crochet, or see-through crop tops to emphasize your body shape and show some skin around stomach. You can also look sporty by wearing it with shorts and sneakers. Want to try cute look like those Korean girl bands? Try wearing them with tennis skirt and sneakers. 

5. Various Style and Easy to find
Off Shoulder Plaid Knot Hem Crop Top Orange // Pineapple Embroidered Cropped Top White // Ladder Cutout Crop Top Pink
You can easily find crop tops at any fashion stores from sleeveless, tee, sweater, crochet, etc. The price also vary and most of them are affordable. Not only offline stores, obviously you can find them even easier online now. I browsed some crop tops at Zaful website and found out that they have a lot of crop tops collection with various style, patterns, and cutting. I decided to list some of my favorite below, which are perfect for both wearing as it is or with outerwear- or as an outerwear ;))
See-Trough Floral Embroidery Cami Crop Top White // Fringed Flare Sleeve Sheer Lace Top Light Blue // Colorful Crop Top

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