Monday, May 1, 2017

Rediscovery: My Purpose of Blogging

rediscovery my purpose of blogging |
Yes, you read the title right. I got lost in the blogging-confusion for several months before my Japan trip. That's why I dare to say that my Japan trip was the BEST decision ever made in my life. I realized a lot of things and I'm trying to do better and being a better and more positive person right now.
I was caught in my own thoughts and confusion about my blog. I still have passion in it, obviously. I've been blogging for more than 7 years and it's not possible without my love for blogging, is it? I was just so confused about the future of this blog, lol. Which direction is it heading? I felt like I didn't move anywhere while a lot of new bloggers out there is getting successful. 
rediscovery my purpose of blogging outfit |
I was so stressed about my instagram followers that's so hard to gain, while some of people out there gained their followers super fast (okay, I have no idea if it's organic or not). It's not that I care about the followers too much, but most of clients see how many your followers are. And you see now, how I lost my purpose of blogging. I started my blog because I love it, because I know it can be something to help me make my dream come true. But in the end I care too much about how I can live from blogging or the so called influencer or celebgram you name it. I was wondering how some bloggers are getting invitation to most of events and I was not. I'm not jealous, really. Then again, beauty is not really my 'field' so I don't want to be upset about it. Something forced is not good, I told myself. I'm not the type to approach people with intention so yeah, fortunately. Hahaha.
When I'm in Japan, I didn't even think to upload anything on Instagram because I enjoyed my time too much. I lost followers and I didn't even care because I was just happy. That's when I realized I don't need to force anything. I just need to do my thing and the right people will notice. What's the point of having a lot of followers but some of them are not even real and don't like your photos or read your blog? My value doesn't depend on how many my followers are. Hey but if you love my pics please follow me, lol. Another important thing is, don't compare your blog with the others because everybody has their own style and own pace. Comparison is the thief of joy, you see :)
Conclusion: I love blogging even more now, I will write anything I love and whatever I want to share with you; either it's my personal style, cafe recommendation, travel destination etc. I hope my blog posts can help you in any way or inspire you to do or wear something. I decided to do my things with my own style, because the hard work will pay off for sure. Please support me! ;))
rediscovery my purpose of blogging style | www.bigdreamerblog.comLast but not least, this is also an outfit post! This is an old outfit, I still have a lot of posts queuing so please bear with it. Hahaha. I was having a bad hair day, that's why I tied my hair into a bun and wearing bandana. Bandana is my bad hair day savior, really. I suggest you to have at least a nice outerwear and basic shirt dress, in case you're lazy to dress up. Even a basic outfit will be fashionable with the help of nice outerwear. I also wear white sneakers to give a sporty look.

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