Monday, January 16, 2017

Event Report: Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) Night + AMIAYA in Jakarta

TGC night in jakarta amiaya | www.bigdreamerblog.comYoo, Dreamers! Have you heard about Tokyo Girls Collection? It's a semi-annual fashion event in Japan, especially in Tokyo which is loved by Japanese fashionista (and even all round the world!) And, this year TGC held their first event in Jakarta: TGC Night at Empirica and also presented AMIAYA! AMIAYA was the main reason I went to the event! Ok, actually I'm also a fan of TGC itself. I enjoy watching the models I usually see in magazine walking on the runway. They showcased this year spring/summer collections from Japanese designers like Lips Service, Duras, Egoist, Rienda, and Redyazel.
AMIAYA in TGC night jakarta |
The event was started with a press conference and I was kinda late because of traffic plus the driver took wrong direction so I must heels T.T Fortunately I could see Ami, Aya, and another models on the stage before they left! Amiaya was my high school girl crush (I'm still a fan tho) and I've never imagined to see them this up close omg.
AMIAYA performance in TGC night jakarta |
So, that was actually my FIRST TIME EVER going to club and I'm not going back. I enjoyed AMIAYA's performance but the lighting and loud music made me dizzy. Sob. People were enjoying tho. I also met some of my instagram and blog friends. 
TGC night in jakarta amiaya blogger |
Finally, after waited while enjoying AMIAYA's performance, the Tokyo Girls Collection had actually started. The bar has been prepared as the runway, reporters and videographer were gathering, and we were 'trapped' between them but thankfully can see the fashion show well. I was so close with the models and kept wondering why they're so cute T.T They're so cute in magazine but even cuter in the real life! Anyway, we were so lucky to be the first one to see this collection and you can get this collection at (x)S.M.L  stores in Jakarta. 
tokyo girls collection jakarta fashion show |
There're also the fashion exhibition at Kota Kasablanka, which I will write about the event later. Stay tuned and brace yourself for the cuteness! 

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