Monday, January 23, 2017

Emergency Exit

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emergency exit | www.bigdreamerblog.comHave you ever wished to run away from your life? I actually don't have that kind of thought, but I'll be lying if I say I never want to escape from certain things in my life. You know, something that hurts you so badly or something you're too afraid to do. Sometimes I wished I have an emergency exit from certain problems so I won't feel bad. But as time goes by, I realized those 'certain problems' are the one that will form you into a better and stronger person. My friend once said this: if you keep running away or you won't change your attitude about it, you will face the same problem again and again because you haven't passed that test. 
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So, keep your head up and don't escape from your problems. It may sounds cliche but there's no problem with no way out. It may takes time, it may hurts you- so bad, but everything will turn out fine. 

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