Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bart Simpson, Ripped Jeans, and 2017 Monthly Goals

Whoop! Happy New Year! How is your 2017 so far? Mine is kind of wrong because I start watching drama "Goblin", which makes me don't want to do anything (you know, that #justoneepisode lie). Try being responsible, here I am, writing you a new outfit post and 2017 goals. Instead of goals for the whole year, I try to start making monthly goals so I can be more focused.
T-shirt- Mal Ambassador // Ripped jeans, Sneakers- Pull and Bear // Backpack- Zara // Watch- Linkgraphix
I didn't achieve some of my goals last year, so I'm gonna make it happen this year. For this month, my goals are:
- Don't eat fried snacks (gorengan) and instant noodle. This is the most difficult mission because I just love instant noodle (especially shin ramyun) so much! I think somehow eating fried (oily) snacks and too much MSG are not good for my health and skin. I have terrible breakouts and really want them to disappear. 
- Drink more and add some lemon slices for the whole month. I tried this a few months ago and it did good for digestion but I didn't check its effects for my skin. So I want to try this months and see the results.
- Thrift-hunting. When you're on budget but still want to look stylish, this is the best option. Haven't had chance to do it but I really want to go thrift-hunting this month.
- Make a beauty or style video for my Youtube channel. Okay, this is one of my failed mission last year. Still kinda nervous and afraid to appear and talk in front of camera but I'll try. Please kindly subscribe my channel and stay tuned for the video! ;)
- Finish my itinerary planning and book all the rooms!
- Getting better in blogging, creating contents, and managing my time. When I start working full time, my time management is getting worse. I'm already tired when I got home so I automatically become lazy to do anything and choose to sleep instead. There is time when I force myself to work until dawn to get things done (most of them are blog posts and articles) tho. 
- Start drawing again! Related to the goal above: I need to make some time to draw again.

I thinks that's all for my goals this months, I really wish I can do it all! Next, let's talk about my outfit. I wore this outfit to accompany my mom got her hair done at a salon in Mal Taman Anggrek. I had a bad hair day because I hadn't washed my hair and the hair stylist cut my bangs way too short T.T I brought my camera with me and didn't want it to be wasted, so I asked my mom to help me taking these photos. Despite of my bad-hair-day, these photos turned out good. I bought this super cute simpson t-shirt at Mal Ambassador (a cheap shopping place) and wore it with black ripped jeans. I love the pants because it makes me look slimmer and taller, lol. Planned to look casual and boyish, I decided to wear full white sneakers. What's your favorite piece for a casual look?

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