Monday, January 30, 2017

Sporty 36

You possibly see this tee in some of my posts, but here is another style with it. I wore this with high-waisted shorts and sneakers to give sporty vibes. Tied my hair into half and also complete the look with "witch please" earrings I got from HM. It's just IDR 25.000 after sale!
The quality of these photos is not at its best because it was raining hard and the lighting was also bad :( Gomen!

I actually took these night photos to join a competition but unfortunately I didn't win, hehe.
Anyway, I was chatting with my friend and turned out she was also in Central Park so I went to met her and her bf. Just girls being girls, we asked him to take photos of us :)) Let's meet without you bf, lol.

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