Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick [05 Easy Brownie]

Yoo! I'm thinking about how I hated wearing makeup, how I said I wouldn't wear any makeup even when I grow up. I still joked about it last year, I told my dad that it's so lucky that I don't like makeup so my money will be spent on clothes only... And here I am, keep buying beauty products. Seriously, girls will always be girls hahaha. That's why, I decided to write about beauty in my blog as well, I won't call myself a beauty blogger (yet) because I'm a newbie and still don't like to wear much makeup but I'll try to write you an honest review about the beauty products.

In this post I will make a review about Indonesian local brand Wardah. It's known for its high quality despite of the affordable price, their lipsticks also last long and moisturizing. I got this Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick in Easy Brownie color. When I told my Mom that brown lipstick surprisingly suits me and tried it, she agreed and bought me this one.
The lipstick comes in small box and silver packaging which is light and easy to bring anywhere. It has creamy texture and easy to apply on lips. This lipstick is also very pigmented because I only need one swipe to get the color. You can swipe a few times if you want a bolder brown color tho.

Shades number 05 Easy Brownie is obviously brown color with a touch of pink/peach color. Although it's claimed to be "intense matte", this lipstick is actually more semi-matte finish, it still gives a little bit shiny finishing. I love this lipstick because it's not drying up my lips nor make it chapped. 
This is the color when applied on my hand. For Indonesian who mostly have "sawo matang" skin tone, you can try this shades because it will suit you so well ;)
You can see how the color turns out when applied on my lips. I usually wear pink or red lip tints, so this color is new for me but I'm loving it! Apply it two or three times on lips if you want it to be more long lasting.

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