Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Life Update 06/09/2017

Hi, dreamers! Mei here. I think the last time I made a life update post is last year (read it here), it's quite long time, isn't it? So I decided to write this because I'm kinda....sad? I looked back at my old blog posts, artwork portfolio (because my head designer asking for my art portfolio), and stuff, then realized how many things I stop doing because of one reason and another.
I know, as we grow older we will face a lot of changes but's just heartbreaking hahaha. Looking at those things reminds me of how big my passion was and how I couldn't pass one day without doing/ thinking about it. I can say my life started to change after I'm working 9 to 6, not really in a bad way tho. I got a lot of new experiences and chances after working full time, but it's just not related to drawing or illustration anymore. I stop drawing for around one year already. Sometimes the desire is still there, but I'm too tired/lazy to do it (yes, excuse I know).

Oh, just to make sure, I actually love how my life is right now. I enjoy doing the things I'm doing now, but yeah the thoughts just pop out so I need to write it- for myself in the future, as a reminder and comparison. Here are some changes that happened lately:
 I no longer make new drawings/illustrations outside of office work (and I work as video editor)
 My passion in illustration somehow.... faded.
 I used to love blogging sooo much, posting about anything but now there are some "work" posts and I'm not writing as much as before (blame work again).
 I decided to break out of comfort zone: went casting for hair product videos, and chosen as the model.
 I stressed out a lot between working and blogging life. You know, like I want to focus on blogging but I need to work to pay the bills but then I also want to be a successful blogger. Something like that. Blogging used to be fun tho.
 It's so hard to do blogwalking now. I used to do it everyday.
 I decided to live healthier: eat right and do some workout. It worked well for 2 weeks but then there were some events that forced me to break that habit for awhile. I'm trying to be back on track now.
 I dyed my hair to dark and natural color, because of that video model project. Worth it.
 I, learn to let go. Once again. Realized that some things just won't change and decided to value myself more.

Okay, that's it. After writing this, I think I can actually do anything, as long as I have the will. Prioritizing time is the key tho. I want to do a lot of things but I always end up in bed and watching all day long. Changing habit is never easy, but I'll try to do some changes to be a better and more productive person! がんばります!

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