Monday, September 18, 2017

2 Ways Outfit // Floral Dress

2 ways outfit |
こんにちは dreamers! I'm gonna share my outfit to friend's wedding last Sunday. Pardon the bad quality photos, please. I took these pics with my phone camera 😭 So, I was invited by one of my university friend and it turned out I met a lot of friends there, it basically a reunion lol. I wore a floral dress that my mom bought at Bangkok over a mock neck black long sleeves top. I decided to wear high heels after thinking hard whether to wear that or sneakers (what?! hahaha). And if I have to tell you about this kinda blur friends were joking while taking these pics 😅😂 And I was also kinda awkward because it's the first time I asked them to take my pics ;p
2 ways outfit floral dress |
And finally, my Dad picked me up around 9 PM. I turned back to myself just like that, removing my soft lenses and wearing glasses, then changed my high heels into sneakers. Because hey, who is Mei without sneakers? hahaha. You see, I think this kind of outfit can be worn 2 ways, for more formal occasion and casual one. Don't you agree? 
2 ways outfit floral dress casual |
That's it! I'm trying to fulfill my promise to post more about my outfit, aren't I? Stay tuned for more outfit posts coming Jaa, see ya on the next post! Psst, it's about my trip to Japan 🙈

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