Sunday, September 10, 2017

HEY, BYE // Personal Style

Hey Bye Personal Style Blog | www.bigdreamerblog.comYesterday it just hit me; I'm labeling myself as a fashion blogger but don't like one. I rarely post my outfit diary or OOTD on blog nor Instagram, then wondering "Should I just take that 'fashion blogger' label down from my IG bio?" I decided not to do that tho, I'll just push myself to write more about my personal style ;p Therefore, here I am with new outfit post!
Hey Bye Pastel Outfit |
I wore this outfit to meet my dearest friend, Ticia. It has been a while since the last time we met! We watched Guradian of the Galaxy 2 and also managed to take some outfit photos. I actually wore the cropped sweatshirt with denim skirt only, but then borrowed her sukajan because it somehow matched my hair color, lol. 
Hey Bye Pastel Sukajan Outfit |
Anyway, just as you can see from this post's title, I'll talk about my personal style. To be honest, I love fashion, but I'm not really into the mainstream trend. You know, like some typical girly clothes that everyone wears? My style is mostly influenced by Japanese fashion (sometimes Korean) and my friends also told me that my style is out-of-the-trend (trend here: kekinian as Indonesian says) that's why I'm not really approved by netizen. Then again, if I wear something just to be approved, then where will my personal style go to? I clearly know I'm not the best but at least I have something unique/quirky, right? I really really love street style that (I need to admit) not everyone loves. Some outfits that look messy or lancai, but I find it cute/cool. Something like that. It's about personal taste, tho. For this reason, I actually alwayssssss think that it'd be so fun if I can live abroad, especially Japan or South Korea. Hahaha!
Hey Bye Pastel Sukajan Outfit Personal Style |
That's it! I will write more about fashion/personal style in this post again, I will really push myself to do so. Hopefully, lol. So, don't be afraid of what people say, just do and wear what you love. I know it's hard, because I'm also still struggling in this part, tbh. Bonus photo below 💖

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