Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Outfit Diary: T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Sling Bag

Do I need to say again, that I love wearing oversized t-shirt a lot? This time I style it with my favorite hand-me-down cropped jeans that I got from Mom. Similar outfit, different vibes ;) 
| Look #1 
Tee- gift from Korea // Cropped jeans- Hand-me-down from Mom // White kicks- Pull and Bear // Sling bag- Zara
This is what I wore to meet my friends last weekend. I was not in the mood to dress up actually, but I also didn't want to look too sloppy. Weather was so hot and I need to take public transport so I decided to wear this cute baby blue t-shirt my friend got me from Korea- with a tiny cupid bow- tucked in my hand-me-down cropped jeans, and completed with white kicks. Oh, I just bought a sling bag from Zara after long consideration (the price is quite expensive for me), only to find out that everyone (okay, not everyone actually) was wearing the same bag- I even spotted fake one. Oh God, why.... But I love it, so that's okay lah, it's a mainstream brand in Indonesia anyway hahaha T.T
| Look #2 
Tee- online store // Cropped jeans- Hand-me-down from Mom // Slip-On- Stradivarius // Sling bag- CosmoGirl! Freebie
This second look was my outfit when I had lunch with my family in one of the Pontianak cuisine restaurant in Sunter. We're just having lunch so I thought no need to dress up, so I wore this oversized t-shirt, also from Korea (online store preorder) with the hand-me-down cropped jeans, and my one and only slip-on from Stradivarius. Just like the first look, I also wear a sling bag here. This one is from CosmoGirl magazine as freebie. Oh! This was the day I cut my bangs super short (above the eyebrows), such an impulsive act in a Sunday morning, lol.
This is it for a short and quick #outfitdiary post! What do you think? ;)

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