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Review: SOLUSI Organic Renewage Series Martha Tilaar

In my opinion, nice and right skin care is much more important than any makeup. I mean, if you're using the right skin care and your skin + complexion is great, you don't really need to put too much makeup on, right? But I know, find the right skin care is difficult. I myself also still finding "the one". This time, I'm trying the anti-aging skin care from Martha Tilaar, Solusi Organic Renewage Series that Sociolla sent me. FYI, Solusi Organic is the first organic brand in Indonesia! Martha Tilaar is a well-known local beauty company which suggest that all natural and green life brands/products should be certified by Ecocert.
This series contains of Face Cleanser, Facial Wash, Face Toner, Moisture Lotion, and Night Cream. Although it's anti-aging product, it's safe to be used even when you're still on 20s to prevent premature aging, that's why this product is Everysecond Organic Anti Aging Solution. It's also Ecocert-certified and claimed that 99.9% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 11.5% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming. 
The main ingredient of this Solusi Renewage Series is Green Grapes from Bali. Beside its delicious taste, grape seed contains rich natural nutrition and the fruit is known as a great antioxidant that's good for skin. Grape seed extract contains rich Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidin (OPC) that has Vitamin E 20x stronger and Vitamin C 50x stronger to keep collagen structure for younger and elastic skin, flavonoids, linoleic acid, and Licorice extract for brightening skin. Now, let's talk about the product one by one ;)
SOLUSI Renewage Face Cleanser (IDR 250.000)
All the products are packaged in green packaging with brown lid. For the cleanser (and toner) they have this press-to-open lid to prevent the products from spilling. This cleanser is claimed to clean dirt, makeup, and excess sebum from the skin.
This face cleanser has milky texture and natural grape scent. It can be used to clean your face with or without makeup. Apply it on the face, rub it gently, and wipe it clean with cotton pad. I think it works well to remove basic makeup like foundation, cc cushion, even eyeliner. I also try to remove my lip tint and surprisingly it doesn't feel bitter on the lips! Hands down to this cleanser :D Oh, but you need to use another cleanser after this for waterproof makeup.

SOLUSI Renewage Face Wash (IDR 148.500)
After clean your face with the face cleanser, you should wash it off with this Solusi Face Wash. Double cleansing is important to make sure you remove all cosmetics residue or dirt. It's also claimed as a deep cleansing foam to remove dirt and excess sebum.
It has clear to opaque texture and a little bit runny. It doesn't have much foam actually, but I think it does good job in cleansing the face. It feels light and my skin doesn't feel dry after, instead it feels smooth and moisturized. 

SOLUSI Renewage Face Toner (IDR 230.000)
The face toner has the same packaging with face cleanser, so make sure to read first before you use the product. I usually use toner after cleansing the face with face wash to clean the dirt, makeup, and excess sebum in case the double cleansing doesn't work well enough. Actually it can also be used to freshen up the skin imo.
It has watery texture with a little hint of green color and fresh grape scent. I pour the toner to cotton pad first and gently rub it on my face. It feels good and refreshing on skin.

SOLUSI Renewage Moisture Lotion (IDR 250.000)
The next product from Solusi Renewage Series is the moisture lotion. Like the other products, this one also has grape seeds and licoline extract to moisturized and soften the skin.
The moisture lotion is packaged in pump-applicator packaging + clear cap so I think the product hygiene can be guaranteed. 
Solusi Renewage Moisture Lotion has milky texture but richer than the face cleanser. It sure can moisturize without giving any sticky or greasy feeling. Like another product, this one also has grape scent but it's stronger when I pump out the lotion. Thankfully, the scene is gone after I applied it on my face. I used it before applying makeup (cc cushion) and guess breakout!! 

SOLUSI Renewage Night Cream (IDR 300.000)
The last product is their night cream. As you may already know, night cream is really important for the skin care routine because our skin is regenerating when we sleep. Be careful when you open the lid because you may spill the cream out. It's claimed to maintain skin elasticity and slowing down aging process on the skin.
The night cream's texture is the creamiest compare to all the products. It has really strong grape scent which I actually don't like. When I apply it on the skin, it feels rich and a little bit sticky. My skin feels amazing the next morning tho. It's not as oily as I expected it to be when I woke up. My skin is smooth and moisturized.
Overall, I love this anti-aging product. Maybe because it's natural and organic, it doesn't cause any breakout even on my super sensitive skin. Oh, to be noted, Solusi Organic Renewage Series is paraben free, vegan, 17.5% organic, 99.5% natural origin, environment friendly, no animal testing, cruelty free, and halal.
You can purchase this products from Sociolla and if you use my code SBNLA6BR at checkout, you can get IDR 50.000 off for every minimal purchase of IDR 250.000!

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