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Tokyo in Disposable Camera + Why You Should Get One

Tokyo in Disposable Camera + Why You Should Get One | www.bigdreamerblog.comHello from Tokyo!....mmm no, I'm definitely in Jakarta right now *cry* But! I'll show you the developed film from disposable camera when I was in Tokyo. Why just Tokyo? I planned to buy a disposable camera (or more) all along but the ojisan in Kyoto wouldn't sell it to me, I wonder why. He even told me to leave the store T.T 
Tokyo in Disposable Camera Fujifilm Simple Ace | www.bigdreamerblog.comSo, I bought my first disposable camera (Fujifilm Simple Ace) at Spinns Ikebukuro for 680. I was so confused how to use it because the instruction is written in Japanese but luckily I could make it. I got my film developed at SoupNFilm at STC Senayan, costs IDR 55.000 and I can say I'm happy with the result. Some photos are failed tho, but I think it's my own fault when taking the pics. Now, enjoy the photos and read on why you should get one for your Japan trip (or maybe anywhere).
Tokyo in Disposable Camera Ikebukuro |
The first pic I took at Ikebukuro :)

Tokyo in Disposable Camera Vending Machine |
Here are some reason why you should get disposable camera for your Japan trip:  
* It's cheap and easily found in Japan (Bic Camera, Spinns, even konbini/convenience store).
* It's light and small, you can put it in jacket's pocket like me. Bring one extra disposable camera in your bag won't weigh much. 
* You don't know how the pics turn out, is it bad? Or is it good? You may got some failed result like me but that's the interesting part. Some pics also turned out well beyond my expectation.
* It gives the irreplaceable vintage tone.
* You don't need to edit or add another filter before posting because the pictures are unique and beautiful the way it is.
* When you see the pictures, I bet you will miss those moments! It brings back memories and I love it.

Tokyo in Disposable Camera Sensoji Temple |
Asakusa area, especially Senso-ji temple was super crowded that day!
I met Shabrina that day, we met at Senso-ji and visited Tokyo Sky Tree. We also had dinner at Shibuya. We were kinda awkward at first but I think we got closer...? Hahaha ;p I knew her from Instagram and gathered up my courage to ask her for a meet up. 
Tokyo in Disposable Camera Shibuya 109 |
In front of Shibuya crossing, it's Shibuya 109! 
Below are the happiest 2 days in Japan (although those 2 weeks also super happy): Tokyo Disney Sea and Disneyland!
 Hahaha! Can you just ignore my absurd face? Don't even know what I was thinking when taking this pic lol.
You can't imagine how HAPPY I was here :")
Tokyo in Disposable Camera Tokyo Disneyland |
Next ones are the main things about Tokyo, it's sakura/cherry blossoms and Tokyo Tower! ;)

Tokyo in Disposable Camera Meguro River Cherry Blossoms |

Tokyo in Disposable Camera Tokyo Tower |

This pic was taken by an obasan, she asked me to help her take photos with the sakura first, then she offered to take one for me too. She spoke Japanese which I didn't understand- I felt so sad, I wish I could speak Japanese so I could talk more with her. She was super lovely and friendly. I told her with my limited Japanese: watashi wa nihon ga daisuki desu! (I really love Japan!), and she answered: watashi mo daisuki desu! Kirei desu..... sakura ga....blablabla (I also love Japan so much! All of these are super pretty). I wish I could speak more Japanese on my next visit :(
Tokyo in Disposable Camera Ueno Park |
Tokyo in Disposable Camera Ueno Park Sakura |
That's it! Let's hope there is another Tokyo/Japan in disposable camera part 2- and counting! Hahaha, jaa ne~

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