Monday, June 19, 2017

Hot Trend: How to Wear Gingham Prints

How to Wear Gingham Prints |
Even before it becomes trend, I've always love gingham prints. I also already wore it before as can be seen in this post and this post. Nowadays, gingham prints can be easily found in blogger's outfit post or #OOTD in Instagram, so here is my latest mix and match to wear gingham prints!
how to wear gingham prints mix and match |
How to Wear Gingham Prints Parka |
Parka- thrifted // Gingham dress- unbranded // Bandana headband- Osaka // Glitter Sneakers- Stradivarius // Socks- Artbox // Backpack- Zara
how to wear gingham prints sneakers |
how to wear gingham prints japobs |

I wore this outfit to ANY event at Central Park, but my blogger friends were going home after lunch so I had no one to take my outfit photos. And then I remembered that there's something that can be used as a fake tripod so here are my self-taken pics, as always hahaha. I wore my denim blue gingham dress with a thrifted parka that's surprisingly well-matched. My outfit wouldn't be complete without my glittery sneakers and black backpack (seriously I need a new one). My hair already turns into pastel/purple-ash color, I need to retouch but nah maybe next month (or another next month) so I just added my favorite bandana-headband I bought at Osaka.
Do you love gingham prints like I do? How are you going to style it? 
Please tell me at the comment box, I'd love to read :D

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