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My 14 Days Japan Itinerary // Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

Japan 14 days itinerary |
Konbanwa! Some of you maybe wait for this post... yes, it's my Japan itinerary! I actually don't really recommend you to go with my itinerary, you will know the reason after you finish reading this lol. I'm not an organized person, my itinerary was not detailed, and in the end I didn't even follow my itinerary, hahaha. Enough of my blabbering, shall we start?

[Day 1] 21 March - Tokyo: Komagome area
Arrived at Narita around 4 or 5 pm, amazed by all little things and ended up spending too much time in airport, lol. I was like, "OMG!!There are A LOT OF gachapon!!!". "OMG!!! Japanese magazine!", "OMG!!! Onigiri!", and the "OMG" goes on. 
Didn't go anywhere that night, it was raining and super cold. I stayed at my first guest house at Komagome area and just went out to buy dinner and strolled around the area.

[Day 2] 22 March - Osaka: Kura Sushi, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Ferris Wheel, Dotonbori
Japan 14 days itinerary osaka |
Ride a 7 A.M. shinkansen to go to Osaka from Tokyo. It was such a nice experience for me! That morning was freezing but I was soooo happy you can't even imagine :) Arrived at Osaka around noon and I went to my guest house to put my luggage. After that I went to JR Namba to exhange my Osaka Amazing Pass and started my get-lost-alone journey to find the 100 yen sushi, Kura Sushi.
Next I went to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and ride the ferris wheel too. I passed Umeda Sky Building because of the tight schedule. Last, I went to Dotonbori at night, and it was NOT ENOUGH *cry*

[Day 3] 23 March - Osaka: Osaka Castle; Kyoto
Japan 14 days itinerary osaka castle |
I was supposed to go to Nara after Osaka castle but something unexpected happened. I OVERSLEPT!!! Maybe I was too tired after a long walk on the first day, but I woke up at 9 T.T I ended up enjoying my time at Osaka Castle and sacrifice Nara. Next visit, okay... I went to Kyoto after that and just went to konbini for dinner because surprisingly all of the stores were already closed at 7.....

[Day 4] 24 March - Kyoto: Fushimi Inari, Arashiyama
Japan 14 days itinerary kyoto fushimi inari |
Now you start to know why I said (maybe) you shouldn't follow my itinerary, hahaha. I just went to 2 places in one day! When the others could visit 3 or 4 places. But I need to tell you that I wanted to enjoy that one place to the fullest, that's why. Hehe. 
Japan 14 days itinerary kyoto arashiyama |
Fushimi Inari has been my long life dream place to visit and I finally made it happen. I even trekked to the top ;p I actually wanted to visit Kinkakuji but ended up sacrificing it again for me to enjoy Fushimi Inari. After Fushimi Inari, I went to Arashiyama and rented the kimono there.

[Day 5] 25 March - Kyoto: Kiyomizudera, %Arabica Coffee, Nishiki Market, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Gion
Another must-visit place: Kiyomizudera. I was super sad because it's on renovation but I also found a reason to come back again, right? :) I didn't spend too much time there and went straight to %Arabica coffee. Rushed to the Nishiki Market and turned out IT'S SO BIG AND HEAVEN FOR SHOPAHOLIC!! Again, spent too much time there and rushed to my new guest house and Kyoto International Manga Museum. Ended my day by going to Gion area, ate ramen and satisfied my matcha parfait craving at Nana's Green Tea.

[Day 6] 26 March - Tokyo: Roppongi Hills, Tokyo City View, Akihabara, Shin-Okubo
Japan 14 days itinerary tokyo akihabara |
Arrived at Tokyo and it was raining :( I went to Roppongi Hills to visit Tokyo City View so I could see Tokyo from above (+ Tokyo Tower), but the fog blocked the view *cry* Went to Akihabara at noon for lunch and met my friend there. It was too samui that we decided to leave. We had dinner at Shin-Okuba, a Korea town in Tokyo.

[Day 7] 27 March - Tokyo: Ikebukuro, Harajuku
I was supposed to go to Kawaguchiko to see Mt. Fuji, but it was raining so I wouldn't be able to see mt. Fuji, that's why I decided to cancel it. I still kinda regret it, but I couldn't do anything about the weather, right? Ended up waking up late and went to Ikebukuro to do some shopping- it was a mistake. I SHOPPED A LOT! As if it's not enough, I went to Harajuku- Takeshita Street to stroll around. And I was like...."I really belong here..." HAHAHA. Send my love again to Spinns and Wego!

[Day 8] 28 March - Tokyo: Tsukiji Market, Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Shibuya
Visited tsukiji market in the morning and ate a bunch!! It's too crowded with tourist after 9 so I decided to leave and went to Asakusa. It's freakin' crowded and warm! I didn't really enjoy it because all I could see is people. I ate a lot tho, there were a lot of street food stalls there :)) Met my other friend that day and she brought me to the Tokyo Skytree and Shibuya. Another long life dream place checked: Shibuya- Hachiko statue, Shibuya crossing street, and Shibuya 109. FYI, all my obsession over Japan was started because of a manga called "Gals".

[Day 9-10] 29-30 March - Tokyo: Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland
JUST THE MOST HAPPY TWO DAYS IN MY LIFE!!!! Will tell you more in another post about them ;)

[Day 11] 31 March - Tokyo: Shimokitazawa, day off
I didn't feel well that day and had a cold. Decided to go to Shimokitazawa because I didn't want to waste even one day in Japan. Unfortunately, it was raining and too cold that I couldn't handle it, so after had lunch I decided to go back and move to my new guest house. Didn't have any mood and energy to go anywhere so I spent the night at the guest house.

[Day 12] 1 April - Tokyo: Meguro River, One Piece Tower, Shinjuku
Glad that I decided to go to Meguro River that day because the sakura view WAS BREATHTAKING- even it's not yet full bloom. I won't ever forget the view that day T.T As a big fan of One Piece, the One Piece Tower has been one of my priority in this trip. I really really really enjoyed it, especially the live show T.T Met my friend at Shinjuku, had dinner, and he also showed me around Shinjuku- including the red light area, lol.

[Day 13] 2 April// My birthday - Tokyo: Ueno Park, Harajuku- Takeshita Street, Cat Street, Shibuya
Japan 14 days itinerary tokyo harajuku |
It was my birthday and I officially turned 24 in my dream country :) Didn't have my birthday cake and candles tho. My friend accompanied me that day and took all of my photos there HAHAHA. Thanks, Ran! I spent a lot and in the end of the day, I was super worried about my last 4000 yen lol. Can I survive tomorrow? Something like that :))) 

[Day 14] 3 April: Tokyo - Jakarta
I really didn't want to leave :( TBH, 2 weeks alone there and I never thought about how I want to go back to Indonesia and stuff, hahaha. I ate my last Matsuya for lunch and strolled around the Ueno area, ate mango soft cream (I MISS THEMMM), went to book store. And....leaving for Narita.
That's all for my 14 days Japan itinerary. It's far from perfect (ikr hahaha) but maybe it can help you to arrange your own better itinerary. In my opinion, it doesn't have to be MORE PLACES to go, but HOW YOU ENJOY a place to the fullest so you will not regret anything ;) What's the point of visiting many places just for taking pics tho? 

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