Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blessed and Officially 24

こんばんは! I just got back from Japan and I miss it already ;p Going there has been my long period dream since elementary school and it was such an almost-impossible thing to do (it's quite far and expensive). I've never thought about giving up and did anything I can, and I finally made it to Japan. I'm pretty proud for this tho. No one will make my dreams come true but myself. Of course, God and a lot of people are involved in the process and I'm really thankful.
Another thing is, I turned 24 in Japan. What a dream came true T.T I got no birthday cake or anything but I got a super pretty sakura view, and it's much more than enough for me :) I am truly blessed. Next is to make my (actual) dream to live there come true, I guess?
Will make sure to write a lot of blog posts about my trip, so stay tuned! ;))

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